Year 11 pupils 2018

1st June 2018


Following the half term break there will be a change to the timing of the school day for your son/daughter; this is so they can take part in focused revision sessions in preparation for the final exams this summer. These changes will take effect from Monday 4 June 2018.


On the days when students do not have an exam they will come in to school at 11am. This will give them an opportunity to have breakfast, attend revision sessions, have lunch and leave the site at 1pm to continue their revision at home. Students do not have to leave after lunch but if they choose to remain on site until 2.30pm they must be in the correct classroom revising.


As you may well be aware, the remainder of the exams are morning exams. The expectation is that students will attend school at 8.45am to give them time for breakfast before sitting their exams which must start at 9.30am.


Students must remain in the exam room for at least one hour from the start time of the exam. If students have completed the exam after one hour they may quietly collect their belongings and go off site for the remainder of the day to revise at home. Alternatively, if students wish to stay on site, they must attend revision sessions in their designated class rooms as normal until the end of the school day.


It is hoped that by introducing this flexibility to the Year 11 student timetable we can allay some of the anxieties felt by students at this crucial time of the year. It will also allow staff to deliver specific, targeted revision sessions for the students to prepare them for the exams.

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