Term Dates - 2017/18

Autumn Term

 Wed 6th Sept - Fri 20th Oct

HALF TERM – 23rd Oct - 27th Oct

Mon 30th Oct - Fri 22nd Dec


Spring Term

Thur 11th Jan - Fri 16th Feb
HALF TERM - 19th Feb – 23rd Feb
Mon 26th Feb – Thur 29th Mar
SPRING BREAK – 30th Mar - 13th Apr

Summer Term 

Mon 16th Apr - Fri 25th May
HALF TERM - 28th May – 1st June
Mon 4th June - Fri 19th July


Staff INSET Days

 Mon + Tue 4th + 5th Sept

Mon + Tue + Wed 8th + 9th + 10th Jan

Fri 20th July

Mon + Tue 23rd + 24th July

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