Year 11 Mock Exams

24th November 2016

In order to prepare our students for the summer examination series and support them with examination techniques, pupils will sit mock examinations in the week beginning 5th December. The timetable is as follows:

Exam Dates

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

 Monday 5th December

10.00 am English  (2 hours)

1.00 pm Geography (1 hour)

Tuesday 6th December

10.00 am Maths (1 hour 45 mins) 

1.00 pm ICT (1 hour)

Wednesday 7th December

10.00 am Science (1 hour 45 mins)

1.00 pm PE (1 hour)

Pupil’s will be expected to arrive at school at the normal time of 8.45 am. Pupil’s will attend lessons where revision sessions will take place until the exam starts in the morning session and return to lessons after the exam.

Once in the examination hall pupils will be expected to follow examination rules in silence and remain seated until the end of the exam.

Practical subjects Art and Food will take place in classroom during normal lesson time the week before.

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