In Key Stage 4, students study the Edexcel Linear GCSE in Mathematics at either Foundation or Higher tier. The course leads to a full GCSE award and is entirely assessed by two externally set examination papers which are sat during the summer exam period.

Paper 1 is a non-calculator paper, whilst Paper 2 is a calculator-allowed paper.

It may be possible for students to sit the examination on more than one occasion, depending upon circumstances.

The course content is made up of about 30 modules studied over the Key Stage 4 terms available.
Students have the opportunity to practice for the examination on several occasions in advance of the actual examination.

Each student has a Mathletics account to supplement their studies towards the examination. Mathletics can be used in-class as well as out of school.

In Key Stage 3, students follow a Programme of Study that prepares them for GCSE. The programme is differentiated so that students can make progress and re-enforce their learning to date. The intention is to maintain their rate of progress, or increase it, so that the can return to a mainstream or other setting should that opportunity arise.

Each student has a Mathletics account to supplement their studies throughout the course.
Students are assessed on a half-termly basis and rates of progress are monitored, so Interventions can be implemented if there is a need.

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