Key Stage 3


New to 2016/17 we are introducing Humanities to the Key Stage 3 curriculum. This will incorporate both History and Geography units to the curriculum.


Topics include 'My Town' and 'Raiders of the UK', with the former enabling students to explore the Wirral and gain a greater appreciation of both the natural (Physical) and manmade (Human) landmarks in the area. Students will have two Humanities lessons each week.


Year 9 starts with all students studying History, learning about important events such as the two world wars and the Holocaust. Towards the end of Year 9 the students will be focusing on key areas of the new Geography GCSE that they will continue in Years 10 and 11.


Key Stage 4 - Geography


Year 10 will start the new Geography course from September 2016. Year 10 will be studying natural events that can cause hazards across the world, ecosystems including how the natural world changes adapting to survive and  finally year 10 will look at changing weather and environments across the UK. 
Year 11 will complete their final year of study for GCSE Geography. This important year covers a range of topics including visiting and researching tourism in Port Sunlight, Evironmental conditions across the globe including which living things survive in each location and finishing the course exploring coastal areas in the UK investigating change and describing physical processes.

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