Health Services in Schools

You want your life to be good. But sometimes issues get in the way: school, relationships, feelings, body image, confidence, self esteem and loads of other stuff. Health Services in School are here to help you with any problems or difficulties you may be facing.

Here are some comments young people have made about Health Services in Schools:
  • ‘they help with a lot of things and were good to talk to when I needed advice’
  • ‘really really friendly and great to talk to’
  • ‘I don’t know how I could have stopped doing stupid things without their help’
  • ‘the youth worker helped me build my confidence… great!’

You can talk to a School Nurse in confidence at our drop-in clinic. They will be available in school on Mondays between 12.45pm to 2.00pm to discuss any health issues in confidence, alternatively ask your keyworker to book an appointment for you.

Our new school nurses are:

Nurse Sally Masters and Nurse Maria Geggie

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