Food Technology

Following the British Nutrition Foundation’s ‘License To Cook’ 2014. Inspiring our young people to cook, we look at a range of traditional dishes as well as others from around the world. The resources are progressive and designed to stimulate learning, ensuring consistent and up to date messages are delivered.

Building their confidence in the cooking area, students are able to learn new cooking skills and safe food preparation techniques. Learning when planning to cook, how to select the most suitable ingredients, equipment and food skills for successful results.

Students will learn about how buying, storing, preparing and cooking food safely and hygienically is vital for good health.

There is lots of room for students to be creative, selecting different types of ingredients that could be combined into the dishes. Students will be able to use recipe writing frames before cooking to develop their own ideas. The students’ own recipe creations can then be used to produce a dish of their own.
In year 10 students will be working towards BTEC Level 1 Home cooking skills and Year 11 will be working towards BTEC Level 2 Home cooking skills.


This course is hugely inspiring for learners of all cooking abilities. The aim of the course is to give students basic life skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to prepare and cook meals which are both healthy and cost effective.  The unit will encourage students to transfer skills learnt to other recipes to continue cooking for themselves and their families and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge. Students will gain an understanding of how to budget when planning meals, a valuable life skill which will benefit them beyond their school life.

Food News 
A massive congratulations to all the year 11 pupils who completed
their food practical assessment. The dishes looked and tasted amazing.
Well done for all the hard work and effort that went into the
Mrs Meegan

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