As the skills developed during the study of English underpin students’ ability to access many other areas of the curriculum, there is a great importance placed on helping our students feel confident and secure in their own capabilities within the subject so that they can begin to make progress and achieve from their first day at Emslie Morgan Academy. This is done by carefully designed lessons which encompass a range of learning activities which allow students to engage and succeed whatever level or skill they arrive with. Students can immediately see their progress which can begin to improve attitudes towards the study of English and motivate them to try hard on more challenging tasks designed to elicit maximum progress in our learners.


There is a big emphasis on the reading skills of our pupils at Emslie Morgan Academy. We aim to change or improve attitudes towards reading through providing students with a range of materials from daily newspapers, magazines and current teenage literature. For students who may have gaps in their reading skills, one to one tuition programmes are written to provide intensive teaching from a literacy specialist. These sessions allow students to make rapid progress to overcome barriers to learning.


Students at Emslie Morgan Academy learn to write for a range of purposes using real life models and writing frames to support and structure pupils’ responses. We incorporate a range of assessment strategies such as peer and self-assessment to help students see that mistakes are inevitable and part of the learning process.

Speaking and Listening

Many of our students feel uncomfortable with the idea of speaking and listening tasks when they arrive at Emslie Morgan Academy so, to begin with, they will take part in a range of informal activities. When students are informed that they have achieved a level based on these tasks it builds confidence for more formal assessments in the future.

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