EMA Staff List

Senior Leadership Team
Mr Mick Simpson, Principal
Ms C Ravenscroft - Acting Headteacher (Teaching, Learning & Assessment)
Ms F Allen - Head of Student Services, Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Ms Jeannette Kelly, PA to Headteacher/Office Manager
Lead Staff 
Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms F. Allen. 
Deputy Safeguarding Lead staff: Ms Sorrentino (SENCO

Curriculum Leaders

Ms C Ravenscroft – English, Literacy & Acting Headteacher
Ms P Birch – Science and PSHE Lead
Ms J Diamond – ICT Teacher,  Exams Officer and SIMs Manager
Mr C Unsworth – PE Teacher
Ms R Meegan – Food Technology Teacher
Ms C Lavery – Maths Teacher and Achievement Coordinator
Mr K Berry - Art Teacher
Ms N Hughes - English Teacher
Ms A Poulton - Vulnerable Centre , Lead Teacher

Support Staff
Ms S Sorrentino – SENCO / Deputy DSL / Designated Teacher for Looked After Children
Ms S Haynes – Pastoral Keyworker
Mr J Taggart - Behaviour Manager
Mr R Brothwood – Youth Education Mentor 

Ms B New – Teaching Assistant
Ms L Edwards – Teaching Assistant and Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mr H Hamlin - Teaching Assistant
Ms S Mooney - Teaching Assistant
Ms L Kahraman - Teaching Assistant
Ms C Mackay - Teaching Assistant
Ms J McCabe - Vulnerable Centre Teaching Assistant
Admin Staff 
Ms J Kelly - PA to the Headteacher & Office Lead
Ms C Elliott – Attendance and QA Officer
Ms V Rutter – Data & Cover Officer
Ms L Williams – Business Support Professional

Site Maintenance/Cleaning Staff

Mr A Cook - Site Manager

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