The EMA curriculum aims to be broad, balance, coherent, relevant and accessible to all pupils regardless of their gender, ethnicity, belief, social or cultural background, academic ability specialised need learning disability or disability. It offers provision of core curriculum areas with an emphasis on improvement in transferable skills as well as opportunities to foster behavioural, social and emotional skills. Ultimately, we want the curriculum to adequately prepare pupils for the challenges, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
At both key stages, the curriculum offers opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills whilst the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) curriculum is delivered as separate lessons within form tutor groups. Additionally all pupils are provided with the opportunity to engage in enrichment activities and recently this has included opportunities with a resident artist and specialist sports coaching for a boxing programme.

The curriculum is devised using National guidelines, examination syllabi and adapted to meet the needs of learners with behavioural, social and emotional needs. For example, specialist courses in resilience training are being offered to pupils from summer term 2014 and we have support from specialist teams to address issues with healthy lifestyles, including smoking cessation, substance misuse and sexual health.

At key stage 3, pupils are offered a curriculum which matches learner needs in years 7 to 9 broadly matching that of local mainstream secondary schools.

At key stage 4, pupils are offered GCSE or BTEC in Maths, English, Science, and P.E. and Art. Additionally, there are opportunities for pupils to complete AQA Unit Award Schemes (UAS) where pupils can gain extra certifications in various different topics. We are currently offering Childcare units and British Sign Language units via the UAS scheme.
At colleges and learning providers pupils are offered qualifications and courses in building and construction skills, carpentry and range of other vocationally based courses. Careers guidance is offered to all pupils in Key Stage 4 and if appropriate, a work experience placement is offered to pupils in year 10.

At both key stages, once a pupils’ baseline testing has been completed, appropriate targets are set in all subjects. For behavioural progress, targets for whole school and individual improvement are devised in discussion with pupils and may draw on individual and whole school behaviour data analysis.

On-going assessments of learning and behavioural targets are undertaken and reported to parents once per term in a written report. Review days and evenings celebrate improvements and focus on next steps. The daily points score given within lessons gives valuable feedback to students regarding the extent to which they have achieved learning objectives and individual learning targets.

For further information regarding curriculum provision, please contact Ms C Ravenscroft (Acting Assistant Headteacher).

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