Behaviour & Discipline

Pupils have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach. In order to maximise pupil experience we work in a positive behaviour change culture based on the concept that although everyone has rights, they exist alongside roles, responsibilities and rules. From this comes personal choice where positive choices receive positive consequences and negative choices receive negative consequences. The understanding and application of rights, roles, responsibilities and respect together with support for the reframing of behaviour which breaks these forms the basis of our behaviour and discipline policy.

We have a code of conduct which we expect ALL pupils to follow whether they attend the main campus or are placed at a college or learning provider. This is simply
  • Treat everyone and everything with respect using appropriate language only
  • Attend wearing your uniform/correct work based learning clothing and without large jewellery items/face jewellery
  • Hand in your mobile ‘phone/data device on reception
  • Move quietly and sensibly around the campus/area
  • Work hard to achieve targets
All of this sounds very easy and it can be, provided pupils are
  • Punctual and polite
  • Ready and willing to learn
  • Not carrying anything which has the potential to harm themselves or others including cigarettes, tobacco or lighters
  • Respectful towards people, property and learning
We aid changes in behaviour by offering a wide range of rewards for positive behaviour which are EARNED when pupils achieve academic and behaviour targets. We use a SIMS system to monitor behaviour throughout the school day, including break, lunch and moving about the campus. This software allows all behaviours, good and bad is recorded and reported to parents/carers. Positive behaviour is rewarded through our points system, this is monitored on a daily basis and pupils who have achieved enough points will take part in weekly reward activities. Achieving learning targets, improving behaviour and adhering to the code of conduct are all behaviours which staff, parents and carers want to celebrate and we can all share this during our pupil conferencing meetings. Repairing relationships when things have gone ‘off track’ and offering pupils the opportunity for mentoring, reflection, or to take part in restorative justice conferences forms the basis for staff to assist and encourage pupils to reframe their challenging behaviour.

Consequences for breaking the code of conduct include time being made up during break, lunch or after school, withdrawal from lessons to work alone, time on home tuition and exclusion. We respectfully remind parents/carers that in law, schools can use reasonable force if a pupil commits a criminal offence, attempts to injure others or themselves, causes damage to property or seriously disrupts learning, good order or discipline (Section 550A 1996 Education Act). Staff are trained in TEAM TEACH de-escalation and positive holding methods to assist in this but ultimately, staff reserve the right in the case of serious breaches of discipline to the involve the safer schools police officer and Wirral’s anti-social behaviour team. A ‘fresh start’ approach is offered to pupils at every possible opportunity holding true to our belief that behaviour can change; however we wish to see evidence of that change.

Pupils, parents and carers will be introduced to the behaviour and discipline process during the welcome meeting and induction phases and questions are encouraged. We regularly review and reflect on our behaviour management and discipline practice and both pupils and staff were involved in the formulation of the behaviour management and discipline policy. We also very much welcome the views of parents/carers so please take the opportunity to complete a parental questionnaire

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